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In our training program, we offer a wide range of services. Whether it be starting, tuning up, or discipline-specific training, we can get you and your horse where you need to be. Each horse is started from the ground up and a custom program is created based on their foundation and ability to learn.

Our goal is to build the foundation in which each horse will be able to have a successful career. We believe in correct training with no shortcuts to keep the horse both mentally and physically sound for their job over the long term. All breeds are welcome!

Full Training:

Horses are worked Monday through Friday with weekends off. This is a perfect option for horses being started, restarted, finished, or maintained. All horses are trained within the discipline in which they will excel. This is a full service, meaning this is a stress-free option for owners. Horses being started require a minimum of 60 days in training.
$1000/month (includes board)

Maintenance Training:

This program is designed for maintaining condition for an off-season show horse, retired show horse, or even a horse needing rehabilitation after an injury. Horses are worked three days a week. This is NOT a service provided to horses being started.
$800/month (includes board)